Southern Charm Drama: Olivia Flowers Ends Friendship Over Ex’s Hookup

In a shocking turn of events, Olivia Flowers of “Southern Charm” has made it clear that she will not forgive her former best friend, Taylor Ann Green, for hooking up with her ex-boyfriend, Austen Kroll. During the reunion episode, tensions ran high as Flowers expressed her disappointment and betrayal, leading to a definitive end to their friendship. Despite Green’s emotional apologies and hopes for reconciliation, Flowers stood her ground, stating that they could both move forward separately. This revelation has left fans wondering whether there is any hope for these two former friends to mend their broken bond.

Background of the Friendship

Olivia Flowers and Taylor Ann Green were not just friends but best friends. They had a close relationship where trust and loyalty were key. Both of them were involved in the reality TV show “Southern Charm,” which showcased their lives and relationships. Their friendship was a strong bond that seemed unbreakable.

Discovery of the Hookup

The discovery of the hookup between Green and Kroll was a major blow to Flowers. Initially, Green lied about her involvement with Kroll, but Flowers had her suspicions. Eventually, the truth came out, confirming Flowers’ worst fears. The revelation of this deception shattered the trust and foundation of their friendship.

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Conversation on ‘Southern Charm’ Reunion

During the Southern Charm reunion, host Andy Cohen asked Green what she could do to mend her friendship with Flowers. However, Flowers made it clear that she had no intention of reconciling. She expressed her decision not to make the situation miserable for Green but stated that they would be moving forward separately. Flowers wanted to maintain a distance and avoid any negative energy.

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Olivia Flowers Decision Not to Reconcile

Flowers’ decision not to reconcile came from a place of irreparable damage to their friendship. She felt that Green had shown a lack of consideration for her feelings and had not thought about her throughout the season. Despite her efforts to work things out, Flowers realized that it was not productive and only led to frustration. The betrayal had taken a toll on their friendship, and Flowers made the difficult decision to let go.

Green’s Apologies and Emotional Reactions

Taylor Ann Green showed genuine remorse during the reunion and apologized repeatedly to Olivia Flowers. She became emotional, understanding that the friendship was beyond repair. Green expressed her hope for future reconciliation, but it was clear that the damage had been done. Her heartfelt apologies were met with a firm stance from Flowers, who remained determined not to mend their friendship.

Southern Charm Drama: Olivia Flowers Ends Friendship Over Ex's Hookup

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Flowers’ Defense of Her Actions

Flowers faced criticism from fans who questioned why she seemed more forgiving towards Austen Kroll, her ex than towards Green. Flowers defended her actions by explaining her vulnerability at the time. She shared that she had unresolved feelings for Kroll, and their bond was strengthened when he supported her during a difficult period of grief. Flowers emphasized that her actions were not a reflection of favoritism or a pass for Kroll but a matter of personal circumstances and emotional support.

Mending the Friendship with Austen Kroll

Despite the fallout with Green, Olivia Flowers and Austen Kroll have been able to mend their friendship. They have been seen taking trips and engaging in activities with mutual friends, indicating a renewed bond. The trust between them has been rebuilt, and they have moved forward, supporting each other and leaving the past behind.

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Public Reaction to the Feud

The feud between Flowers and Green garnered significant attention on social media. Fans shared their opinions and reactions, with some expressing support for Flowers’ decision not to reconcile, while others hoped for a resolution. The tabloids also covered the feud extensively, speculating on the reasons behind the fallout and the potential outcomes.

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Future of the Friendship

As of now, it seems unlikely that there will be a future reconciliation between Olivia Flowers and Taylor Ann Green. The damage caused by the hookup with Austen Kroll was too significant for Flowers to forgive and forget easily. Their friendship, once strong and close, has been irreversibly altered.


The fallout between Olivia Flowers and Taylor Ann Green on Southern Charm has been a dramatic and emotional journey. Flowers’ decision not to forgive Green for hooking up with her ex has led to a rift in their friendship that may never be repaired. The importance of trust and communication in friendships has been highlighted through this feud, and both Flowers and Green have learned valuable lessons from their experiences. Though their personal lives may have been impacted, they have found support in others and have moved forward separately. As for the future of their friendship, only time will tell if it can be salvaged.

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