Renegade Nell: A New Disney+ Fantasy Series Premiering in March

Get ready for an exciting new fantasy series coming to Disney+ this March! Renegade Nell, created by Sally Wainwright, tells the story of Nell Jackson, a young woman unjustly accused of murder in 18th-century England. As she becomes an outlaw to clear her name, she discovers unexpected magical elements that propel her on a thrilling adventure.

With all eight episodes dropping on the same day, you’ll be able to binge-watch Season 1 and immerse yourself in this captivating tale. Starring Louisa Harland as the titular character, alongside an incredibly talented cast including Frank Dillane and Joely Richardson, Renegade Nell is sure to be a must-watch series for fantasy lovers. Prepare to be spellbound by the magic of Renegade Nell, exclusively on Disney+!

Premiere date on Disney+

Renegade Nell is set to premiere on Disney+ on Friday, March 29. Fans of fantasy and action/adventure genres can mark their calendars and get ready to embark on a thrilling journey alongside Nell Jackson and her magical companion. With all eight episodes dropping at the same time, viewers will have the opportunity to binge-watch the entire season and immerse themselves in the world of Renegade Nell.

Synopsis of the series

The series revolves around Nell Jackson, a young woman who is framed for murder, leading her to become an outlaw in 18th-century England. As Nell navigates a treacherous world filled with danger and intrigue, she encounters a magical spirit named Billy Blind, who offers guidance and helps her realize that her destiny is much bigger than she ever imagined. Renegade Nell promises to take viewers on a suspenseful and magical journey through a time of historical significance.

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Creators and cast members

Renegade Nell was created by Sally Wainwright, a talented writer known for her work on the hit crime drama Happy Valley. Wainwright played a crucial role in bringing Nell Jackson’s story to life, infusing it with gripping plotlines and captivating characters.

The series features an impressive cast, led by the talented actress Louisa Harland, who portrays the titular character Nell Jackson. Harland is known for her role in Love/Hate and brings her acting prowess to Renegade Nell, adding depth and complexity to Nell’s character. The supporting cast includes Frank Dillane, Alice Kremelberg, Ényì Okoronkwo, Jake Dunn, Bo Bragason, Florence Keen, and Nick Mohammed, who all play essential roles in the series, contributing to its overall brilliance.

Series Plot

The series revolves around the adventures of Nell Jackson, a young woman with quick wit and remarkable courage. After being framed for murder, Nell finds herself thrust into a life of outlawry in 18th-century England. The series showcases the challenges and obstacles Nell encounters as she navigates a society that is hostile toward her.

However, Nell’s journey takes an unexpected turn when she meets Billy Blind, a magical spirit who appears to help her along the way. This blend of historical drama, action, and magic makes Renegade Nell a unique and captivating series.

Creator and Writer Sally Wainwright

Sally Wainwright, the creative mastermind behind Renegade Nell, has an impressive body of work that showcases her talent as a writer. With previous successes such as Happy Valley and her work on the popular TV show Coronation Street, Wainwright brings her expertise and unique storytelling style to Renegade Nell. Her ability to create compelling narratives and memorable characters ensures that Renegade Nell will be a series worth watching.

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Lead Director Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor takes on the role of lead director for Renegade Nell, bringing his expertise and creative vision to the series. Taylor has an impressive list of directing credits, including Cuckoo, Catastrophe, and Sex Education. His experience in crafting engaging and visually stunning narratives will undoubtedly contribute to the success of Renegade Nell.

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Lead Actress Louisa Harland

Louisa Harland, known for her role in Love/Hate, steps into the spotlight as the lead actress in Renegade Nell, portraying the fearless Nell Jackson. Harland’s talent and dedication to her craft shine through as she brings Nell’s character to life, capturing her complexity and strength. Her portrayal of Nell in Renegade Nell promises to captivate audiences and make an indelible impression.

Supporting Cast Members

Renegade Nell features a diverse and talented supporting cast, adding depth and richness to the series. Frank Dillane, Alice Kremelberg, Ényì Okoronkwo, Jake Dunn, Bo Bragason, Florence Keen, and Nick Mohammed all contribute their acting skills to the series, bringing their characters to life and providing memorable performances.

Joely Richardson’s Role

Joely Richardson, known for her previous work on The Tudors, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and Nip/Tuck, takes on the role of Lady Eularia Moggerhangar in Renegade Nell. Richardson’s talent and experience make her a valuable addition to the cast, adding depth and intrigue to the series.

Other Programming on Disney+

In addition to Renegade Nell, Disney+ has a lineup of exciting programming that viewers can look forward to. The streaming service has acquired the rights to Taylor Swift’s concert film, titled Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, which will be available to stream beginning on Friday, March 15. However, Disney+ has also faced challenges, with a reported loss of subscribers in the last quarter of 2023.

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Renegade Nell Release Date

Renegade Nell is all set to premiere on Disney+ on Friday, March 29. With all eight episodes being available at once, viewers have the option to indulge in a binge-watching session and immerse themselves fully in the world of Renegade Nell. The release date is highly anticipated, and fans of fantasy, action, and adventure are eagerly awaiting the premiere.


As the premiere of Renegade Nell on Disney+ approaches, excitement is running high. The series promises to deliver a thrilling and magical experience, with its engaging plot, talented cast, and the creative minds of Sally Wainwright and Ben Taylor behind it. The anticipation for Renegade Nell and its unique blend of history, action, and magic is palpable, and viewers are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to embark on this captivating journey alongside Nell Jackson.

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