Jared Leto’s Daring Empire State Climb: A Rockstar’s NYC Triumph

Jared Leto recently achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first person to legally climb the iconic Empire State Building in NYC. The 30 Seconds to Mars singer, 51, fearlessly scaled the 1000+ foot skyscraper without gloves, relying only on a harness for safety.

After reaching the top, Jared Leto described the climb as “very, very hard” and admitted that it was more challenging than he had anticipated. Speaking about his accomplishment on Today, Leto expressed his excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream.

The Empire State Building holds a special significance for Leto, representing the place where he believed dreams could come true. Despite this impressive feat, Leto’s climbing adventures are not new, as he has previously scaled walls without safety equipment and even bungee-jumped into a crowd during a concert.

Leto’s climb on the Empire State Building was not just a daring adventure, but also a way to promote the upcoming world tour of his band, 30 Seconds to Mars. The tour is scheduled to run from March to September 2024, and Leto wanted to make a dramatic statement to build excitement and anticipation.

Jared Leto’s fearless climb with only a harness strapped to him

One of the remarkable aspects of Jared Leto’s climb is the fearlessness he displayed throughout the ascent. With only a harness strapped to him, Leto fearlessly made his way up the side of the Empire State Building. His determination and physical strength are evident as he effortlessly maneuvered himself up the skyscraper, capturing the admiration of onlookers and fans.

Jared Leto’s attire and lack of gloves during the climb

An interesting detail that stands out during Jared Leto’s climb is his choice of attire. He wore an orange jumpsuit, giving him a distinctive and eye-catching appearance against the backdrop of the iconic building. Surprisingly, Leto climbed without gloves, relying solely on his bare hands and tenacity to conquer the climb. This bold move further emphasizes Leto’s adventurous nature and ability to push boundaries.

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Jared Leto’s experience and feelings during the climb

During an exclusive interview, Jared Leto shared his experience and feelings about climbing the Empire State Building. He admitted that he was more excited than nervous before the climb, but soon discovered that it was much harder than he had anticipated. The endurance and stamina required were more challenging than he expected, and he had to push himself to overcome the physical and mental obstacles.

Leto’s climb was not without its hazards. He showed his bloody left hand, which he had injured during the climb. This injury served as a reminder of the risks involved and added an element of bravery to Leto’s feat.

Excitement and nervousness

While Leto was primarily excited about his climb on the Empire State Building, he also experienced some nervousness beforehand. The magnitude and difficulty of the climb were not lost on Leto, and he acknowledged that there were risks involved. However, his excitement and passion for the climb outweighed any nerves he may have had.

The challenge and difficulty

Climbing the Empire State Building was not an easy task. Jared Leto faced significant challenges and difficulties throughout his ascent. The height alone was daunting, but the presence of the ice shield added an extra layer of difficulty. Leto’s physical and mental strength were put to the test as he made his way up the side of the building.

Injuries sustained during the climb

Significance of climbing the Empire State Building

After accomplishing this extraordinary feat, Leto took a moment to reflect on his experience and the significance of climbing the Empire State Building. He described the day as “incredible,” noting the breathtaking view of the sunrise over the city that has held so much meaning for him. As a young aspiring artist, Leto viewed New York as the place where dreams come true, and the Empire State Building served as a symbol of his artistic aspirations. This climb represented a personal milestone for Leto, solidifying his bond with the city and his dedication to fulfilling his dreams.

Leto’s connection to New York and the Empire State Building

For Leto, New York has always held a special place in his heart. From his childhood dreams of becoming an artist to the realization of those dreams in the city, New York has symbolized the pursuit of creativity and success. The Empire State Building, in particular, has been a significant symbol for Leto, representing the place where dreams come true.

Leto’s previous climbing experiences

Leto’s climb on the Empire State Building is not his first foray into the world of climbing. In 2016, he directed a five-part documentary called Great Wide Open, where he explored national parks like Yosemite and Yellowstone. He has also formed a close friendship with Alex Honnold, the star of the documentary Free Solo. Leto’s previous climbing experiences have only fueled his passion and desire to take on new challenges.

Love for climbing buildings in cities

While Leto appreciates the beauty of natural landscapes, his true love lies in climbing buildings in cities. The unique architecture and urban environment provide a thrilling and exhilarating experience for Leto. He enjoys the combination of physical strength, mental focus, and risk-taking that climbing buildings in cities requires. It is a way for Leto to connect with the energy and spirit of a city while challenging himself physically and mentally.

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Speculations on Leto’s future climbing endeavors

With Leto’s penchant for climbing and his love for adventurous pursuits, it is only natural to wonder what his next climbing endeavor will be. Will he tackle another iconic landmark or set his sights on an entirely new challenge? Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain: Leto’s passion for climbing and his desire to push boundaries will continue to drive him to new heights.

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